Where can I find Riley & Co products?

Just go to www.rileycoshoes.com


When will my order ship?

Orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days.  Once an order has been processed, delivery times can vary from 2-5 days, depending on location. After your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail or text that contains the tracking number and details.

All orders are shipped via USPS.  Once we drop packages off to be shipped, we cannot provide any further information regarding shipping, as the process is out of our control at that point. 

From time to time, USPS may make mistakes (after all they are human too!), and to help with this, we offer Route shipping insurance that you may add onto your order.  To do this, please go to the cart page and enable the Shipping Protection button that is located just above the Update Cart button. You can also do this by adding an item to your cart, and then enabling the option in the menu that pops out from the right of the screen.  By purchasing this, if your package is lost, stolen, or otherwise missing, you will be able to file a claim with Route to get your money back.  This feature is not for our profit, and we make nothing from it.  It is available to protect you in the event of a missing or lost package.

*If you did not purchase Route shipping insurance on your order, Riley & Co will not provide a refund for missing or lost packages unless it is determined that a shipping mistake was made on our end. 

If an incorrect address was entered during checkout, and the package is returned to us, you will be responsible for paying to re-ship your order to the correct address.

For additional inquiries, please email us at support@rileycoshoes.com

What size should I get?

Below is a list of our sizes (for Combat Boot sizes, see chart below).  Make sure to measure your baby's feet (in inches) from heal to toe.

We recommend adding an extra 1/2 inch to your child's measured size to determine the appropriate size.

 Size Age Range Inches Sole Type
2 0 - 6 months Up to 4.33" Soft
3 6 - 12 months Up to 4.65" Soft non-slip rubber
4 12 - 18 months Up to 4.96" Soft non-slip rubber
5 18 - 24 months Up to 5.28" Soft non-slip rubber
6 24+ months Up to 5.75" Hard non-slip
7 24+ months Up to 6.1" Hard non-slip
8 24+ months Up to 6.22" Hard non-slip
9 24+ months Up to 6.5" Hard non-slip
10 2+ years Up to 7" Hard non-slip
11 3+ years Up to 7.5" Hard non-slip
12 3+ years Up to 8" Hard non-slip



Combat Boots Size Chart

Size Age Range Inches Sole Type
5 18 - 24 months Up to 5.40" Textured rubber sole
6 24+ months Up to 5.66"
Textured rubber sole
7 24+ months Up to 5.93"
Textured rubber sole
8 24+ months Up to 6.19"
Textured rubber sole
9 24+ months Up to 6.72"
Textured rubber sole
10 2+ years Up to 6.98"
Textured rubber sole
11 3+ years Up to 7.24"
Textured rubber sole
12 3+ years Up to 7.50"
Textured rubber sole
13 3+ years Up to 7.50" Textured rubber sole


What is a drop?

Occasionally, we add new colors and designs to our shoe collection. We have named these "drops".  These drops are in limited quantities.  Follow us on any of our social media sites to keep updated with the latest info.

What are our shoes made out of?

Our shoes are made of 100% percent high quality genuine leather. We also have shoes made from our premium waxed leather. With this leather, the more you wear it, the better it looks!

What type of packaging do we ship our shoes in?

We pack our shoes in a cute *100% cotton dust bag that helps protect your shoes from getting dusty, and also makes for easy storage.  It makes a great baby shower gift or birthday present.

* Excludes items purchased during a sale, or any discounted items

Do we have gift bags?

Yes, we have a durable paper gift bags with tissue paper.


 I ordered the wrong size, Can I exchange it for the correct size?

 If for any reason you have purchased an incorrect size, you may exchange it for the exact same pair in the correct size, if we have it in stock. There will be a $5 restocking fee for each pair.  Exchanges are not accepted after 14 days of receipt. If you would like to schedule an exchange, please send us an email at support@rileycoshoes.com

How can I clean my leather shoes?

For leather shoes, we recommend using baby wipes to wipe the leather clean.
Genuine leather must not be soaked in water or wiped with a lot of water, because the color will fade when cleaned with a lot of water. Do not machine wash or machine dry.

How do I care for my suede shoes?

For suede shoes, we suggest using very little mild soap with a brush. Brush the suede gently. Allow to dry naturally not in direct sunlight.  Genuine leather must not be soaked in water or wiped shoes with a lot of water, because the color will fade when cleaned with a lot of water. Do not machine wash, or machine dry.

Do you ship world-wide?
No, not at this time. That’s something we would like to consider in the future. 😊

Do we offer Sezzle as a payment method?

Yes! We do

Please refer to the link below to read about how Sezzle works.



What is the best way to contact you?

You can live chat with us right here on the site, or get in touch with us by emailing support@rileycoshoes.com.


Where are we located?

We are located in Richmond, Texas, which is a small suburb just outside of Houston, Texas.


Wholesale Inquiries

For wholesale questions or inquiries, please send us an email at support@rileycoshoes.com